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Open Water Diver

Learning to scuba dive is fun and rewarding. We have introduced thousands of people to scuba diving in Hawaii. There are three steps to earn your PADI Open Water Diver Certification: knowledge development, pool sessions, and open water!

Course Summary

Knowledge Development

Learn the lingo! During the first phase of your PADI Open Water Diver scuba certification you develop an understanding of the basic principles of scuba diving. You learn things like how pressure affects your body, how to choose the best gear and what to consider when planning dives in order to have fun while staying safe. Your study resources include your PADI Open Water Diver manual and your Recreational Dive Planner (RDP) booklet and slate. You will need to come by the shop to pick those up for your independent study; the five knowledge development sections at the end of each of the five book chapters must be completed prior to your classroom session. Once you are done with your independent study, call us to book your classroom and confined water sessions!

CLASSROOM AND Confined Water sessions

In the classroom you have the opportunity to review your Knowledge Development questions with your instructor. Any portion of dive theory you are still in doubt about will be covered before you take your quizzes and final examination. You also get to learn about additional diving opportunities, perhaps even get excited about mapping out steps of your future dive career through continued education! During your confined water session you’ll get to learn how to set up your diving gear, clear your mask of water, hover and several other important and fun skills.  The skills learned in the pool will prepare you to dive in a variety of open water environments. Your tuition includes most of your rental gear such as your exposure suit, your BCD, and your regulator; but we request new divers own some of the more basic setup: such as your mask, snorkel, and fins. It's more fun, more comfortable, and more conducive to efficient learning when you have a mask that fits your face perfectly! If you don’t already own these, you can purchase them from our wide array of top notch gear at the shop when you come by to register and pick up your manual.

Open Water Checkout Dives

During this portion of your training you finally get to go to the ocean and dive Hawaii’s splendid blue waters! You’ll get comfortable at first to a maximum depth of 40 feet, and progress to dives of a maximum depth of 60 feet. It is spread over two days of diving, each boat charter consisting of two checkout dives! You take all of the skills you’ve learned in the classroom & pool and apply them to real life conditions. Once you’ve successfully demonstrated your skills in the ocean over the four dives, you are ready to receive your certification card! If you’ve completed your classroom and confined water sessions elsewhere but want to finish up your certification with us, we are happy to do it, just make sure you bring us your Universal Referral Form with recorded training.

Course Details

3 packages available to choose from:


Silver - $399

Four shore dives off of north or west shore

Gold - $499

Dives 1-2 off of north or west shore, and dives 3-4 off of our boat right outside Waikiki

Platinum - $599

All four dives off of our boat right outside Waikiki

*Add $100 for the e-learning option

Max student ratio is 4 students per instructor. With our Platinum Premium Package you will have the pleasure of completing all 4 of your open water dives off of our safe and very comfortable dive boat. With most of the amenities of home (private latrine, fresh water rinse, pineapple served after every dive and healthy snacks during your surface interval). Let's not forget our popular hot eucalyptus towels that we serve at the end of the day!

Tuition Includes

• PADI Open Water Diver Manual and RDP booklet/slate

• Classroom and pool instruction

• Exposure suit, BCD, Regulator, tanks, weights

• Two boat charters

Not Included in Tuition

• PADI Open Water Diver DVD

• Personal Gear: your personal gear consists of mask, snorkel and fins.

Course Structure (non-consecutive days)

• Independent home study and knowledge development

• Day one: Classroom and Confined Water Sessions

• Day two: Checkout Dives 1&2 boat charter

• Day three: Checkout Dives 3&4 boat charter

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