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Sirensong: A Local Treasure

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

One of the first things I noticed when I began living in Hawai'i was how many unique and inspiring stories of locals I heard. The community really supports each other and there is a big emphasis on supporting local businesses. While working the store in Wahiawa, I was introduced to Sirensong Wetsuits, which makes female wetsuits designed by a local islander, Jamie DeFay Collins.

The wetsuits are easily recognizable due to their unique patterns; I had never seen anything like them before. They are exactly the type of wetsuit for staying comfortable in the water, but they still allow you to show off that summer bod you have been working so hard for. One of the biggest complaints I hear about traditional wetsuits is how unflattering they tend to be, but that is not the case with Sirensong.

Collins began as an environmental consultant, but now she is running her own business doing what she loves. "My aim is to bring together the perfect harmony of quality, style, and comfort, with a thoughtful consideration for the female body. I want my wetsuits to inspire

confidence and enthusiasm to spend more time in the water, doing what we love," said Collins.

Being an environmental consultant, it is important to Collins that Sirensong provides their customers with an eco-conscious product. The wetsuits are made with premium limestone-based neoprene, manufactured in Japan by Yamamoto Corp. Geoprene has a much smaller carbon footprint than traditional neoprene, while also being a huge step-up in durability, softness/flexibility, and overall quality. The price-point may be higher, but it lasts much longer, uses fewer natural resources, and produces less waste.

If you would like to try on one of the wetsuits or learn more, then feel free to stop by our shop in Wahiawa or check out for more info!

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