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The Whales are coming to Oahu

Everyone knows that Humpback Whales travel great distances to mate and to have their newborn calves in a safe warm place. That is why the island of Oahu makes for a great place to see these amazing mammals in their natural environment. Aloha Scuba Diving Company is proud to say that we are the only 100% project aware dive shop on the island of Oahu and we take that seriously. If we don't do our part in preserving what God has blessed us with there will be nothing left . That means scuba diving with no fish or reefs. Can you imagine a world without scuba diving and not being able to swim with Dolphins or Whales or any sea life for that matter. I'm not writing this blog to brag about my dive shop being the only 100% project aware shop but to warn other shops that if we don't all do our part there will be nothing to save. Come join us on one of our wonderful nature cruises and help support the shop that truly cares about preserving the ocean and it sea life.

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