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Push Your Limits With Tec Diving Courses

Oahu, Hawaii, is known for many things: pristine white sand beaches, world-class surfing, perfect weather year-round, and crystal-clear blue ocean, to name a few. Those clear waters make Oahu a mecca for scuba divers of all experience levels and from all around the world. There are numerous shipwrecks on the ocean floor, diverse coral reefs, and endemic fish species that offer unique diving adventures for everyone. Whether you want to try scuba diving for the very first time or are interested in more advanced tec diving courses, Oahu is the perfect destination.

Aloha Scuba Diving Company has a full-service gear shop and provides charter tours as well as classes ranging from the "diving 101" Discover Scuba all the way up to the far more advanced Rescue Diver Course Honolulu, and everything in between. On the intro end of the spectrum, Discover Scuba allows new divers to give scuba diving a trial run before committing to a full certification course. These classes are short excursions into shallow water and take out just two divers per one instructor. The other end of the course spectrum, Rescue Diver Course Honolulu, is a PADI-certified course that past graduates have described as, "the most challenging, yet most rewarding course they’ve ever taken."

In addition to the more traditional and functional scuba diving courses Aloha Scuba Diving Company offers, there are also tec diving courses. Tec diving is, in a nutshell, going well beyond the limitations of recreational scuba diving. It is for extreme adventure seekers and many describe it as a once in a lifetime experience. Divers frequently reach depths of over 150 feet during tec dives.

Divers who complete either the Rescue Diver or tec diving courses with Aloha Scuba Diving Company finish with an advanced set of diving skills applicable to any other type of diving.

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